[Inspirational] .How To Show Gratitude.

How To Show Gratitude

There are so many things to be grate­ful for!  How many times do you stop dur­ing the day to appre­ci­ate what you have in your life?  I know I fail to do this sometimes…

It’s impor­tant to appre­ci­ate what we have and be grate­ful for it!  Stud­ies have shown that being grate­ful can trans­form our lives, help us suc­ceed and make us a more car­ing per­son.  It opens the path for shar­ing your bless­ings and being more lov­ing and kind.

Below are some reminders of what we should be thank­ful for and how we can share those bless­ings with oth­ers this sea­son, and… why not?! …all year round:

1. Bless­ing ~ Fam­ily and Friends:  They give us the sup­port and com­pan­ion­ship we need that helps us move forward!

Share: Think of those cowork­ers, neigh­bors and/or class­mates who are far away from their fam­ily this sea­son and give them a hug.  Show them you care about them and (if you feel com­fort­able) invite them to cel­e­brate the fes­tiv­i­ties with you.

2. Bless­ing: ~ Ani­mals:  They give us such uncon­di­tional love every­day!  They are our loyal com­pan­ion day and night.  Whether you have a pet at home or you just admire the ones that sur­round you everyday/everywhere out­doors, they’re always there and we are never alone! :)

Share:  Donate your time, food, money or go all the way in and adopt a pet from your local ani­mal shel­ter.  There are many ani­mals look­ing for their for­ever homes!  They will bring so much hap­pi­ness and fun to your home!

3. Bless­ing: ~ Health:  No mat­ter what you are going through in life, if you are read­ing this post that means you are alive and we should be thank­ful for that!  Also be thank­ful for the lives of those that we love.

Share:  There are many peo­ple all over the world fight­ing for their life.  Donate to a health cen­ter or a cause that is close to your heart to help those that need us the most.  This year we decided with our fam­ily to give dona­tions to those in need instead of exchang­ing presents.  In the end this sea­son is all about thank­ing, shar­ing and giv­ing, right?

4. Bless­ing: ~ Food:  Every veg­etable, fruit, bev­er­age, grain… (you get the idea) are ben­e­fi­cial to us and pro­vide every­thing we need to sur­vive.  Whether we have it in abun­dance or not, there is always some­thing on our plates to sat­isfy our needs.

Share:  There are many peo­ple in less for­tu­nate cir­cum­stances that are need­ing urgent help to sup­ply this basic need.  So this sea­son, let’s con­tribute a meal to that fam­ily we know needs it or let’s donate to a foun­da­tion that will be able to sup­ply water and food to all those peo­ple that are in des­per­ate need.

5. Bless­ing: ~ Finan­cial Sta­bil­ity:  The job that allow us to pay our bills and enjoy things we need in life, such us the roof that keep us dry and warm.

Share: There will always be some­one who will be less for­tu­nate than us.  So let’s find them and give a spe­cial gift this sea­son.  It could be one of your cowork­ers whose husband/wife just lost their job.  Or some­one who is in a less for­tu­nate posi­tion than you will ben­e­fit with that gift cer­tifi­cate you gave them for no rea­son!  You never now how much they were need­ing that gift from you!

There are thou­sands of other bless­ings if you think about it that my entire blog would not be able to hold.  So let’s med­i­tate about them, be thank­ful and share our good for­tune with some­one else this season!

Let’s not for­get the Philip­pines and all the coun­tries that will need our hand right now.  We can all make this world a bet­ter world by shar­ing one bless­ing at the time!

I hope this post inspired you to take action (if you haven’t already) and share one or sev­eral of your blessings!

True beauty comes from within, let’s show how beau­ti­ful we are! 😉

Share with us in the com­ments below what you are grate­ful for this sea­son!  We would love to know!  And for those who cel­e­brate it: Have a won­der­ful Thanksgiving!

With Love,



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