[Inspirational] .How To Show Gratitude.

How To Show Gratitude

There are so many things to be grateful for!  How many times do you stop during the day to appreciate what you have in your life?  I know I fail to do this sometimes…

It’s important to appreciate what we have and be grateful for it!  Studies have shown that being grateful can transform our lives, help us succeed and make us a more caring person.  It opens the path for sharing your blessings and being more loving and kind.

Below are some reminders of what we should be thankful for and how we can share those blessings with others this season, and… why not?! …all year round:

1. Blessing ~ Family and Friends:  They give us the support and companionship we need that helps us move forward!

Share: Think of those coworkers, neighbors and/or classmates who are far away from their family this season and give them a hug.  Show them you care about them and (if you feel comfortable) invite them to celebrate the festivities with you.

2. Blessing: ~ Animals:  They give us such unconditional love everyday!  They are our loyal companion day and night.  Whether you have a pet at home or you just admire the ones that surround you everyday/everywhere outdoors, they’re always there and we are never alone! 🙂

Share:  Donate your time, food, money or go all the way in and adopt a pet from your local animal shelter.  There are many animals looking for their forever homes!  They will bring so much happiness and fun to your home!

3. Blessing: ~ Health:  No matter what you are going through in life, if you are reading this post that means you are alive and we should be thankful for that!  Also be thankful for the lives of those that we love.

Share:  There are many people all over the world fighting for their life.  Donate to a health center or a cause that is close to your heart to help those that need us the most.  This year we decided with our family to give donations to those in need instead of exchanging presents.  In the end this season is all about thanking, sharing and giving, right?

4. Blessing: ~ Food:  Every vegetable, fruit, beverage, grain… (you get the idea) are beneficial to us and provide everything we need to survive.  Whether we have it in abundance or not, there is always something on our plates to satisfy our needs.

Share:  There are many people in less fortunate circumstances that are needing urgent help to supply this basic need.  So this season, let’s contribute a meal to that family we know needs it or let’s donate to a foundation that will be able to supply water and food to all those people that are in desperate need.

5. Blessing: ~ Financial Stability:  The job that allow us to pay our bills and enjoy things we need in life, such us the roof that keep us dry and warm.

Share: There will always be someone who will be less fortunate than us.  So let’s find them and give a special gift this season.  It could be one of your coworkers whose husband/wife just lost their job.  Or someone who is in a less fortunate position than you will benefit with that gift certificate you gave them for no reason!  You never now how much they were needing that gift from you!

There are thousands of other blessings if you think about it that my entire blog would not be able to hold.  So let’s meditate about them, be thankful and share our good fortune with someone else this season!

Let’s not forget the Philippines and all the countries that will need our hand right now.  We can all make this world a better world by sharing one blessing at the time!

I hope this post inspired you to take action (if you haven’t already) and share one or several of your blessings!

True beauty comes from within, let’s show how beautiful we are! 😉

Share with us in the comments below what you are grateful for this season!  We would love to know!  And for those who celebrate it: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With Love,



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