Bonita Jalane releases euphoric single, “So High”


Singer-songwriter Bonita Jalane has released her latest single, “So High,” but the song is not about being “high” off drugs, but rather a euphoric high. 

The song gives Neo-Soul vibes and begins with Bonita Jalane singing “High, high, high,” in harmony and she comes in rapping or speaking in the fashion of spoken word. From the start, the song immediately gives a floating, gentle, meditative vibe when it starts. The song, produced by Gregory ‘Grams’ Moore, ​​ is not too slow, not too fast, but right in the middle.

The first verse says, “I’m so high/ My destiny is written/It’s like I’m luminescent to these blessings/Can you see it?/Translucent so I go missing/ So high, so high, so high.”

 Jalane goes on to say she’s on a mission and that she’s elevating daily. The song is about being yourself and Jalane said the only one checking for her is the most high. So, don’t come for her because you won’t get far. She is going to be herself no matter and she won’t compromise. Sthing in her lane 

The chorus is easy to remember and has a bop to it “High/ I’m so high.”

The message in the song could be perceived as being true to yourself, staying in your lane, and being confident in yourself. The blessing will flow no matter what others say, don’t lose focus and stay the course. 

Jalane, a Brooklyn native now calls Atlanta home. She has shared the stage with superstar artists such as Chris Brown, Monica, and Fantasia and even collaborated with artists like Cam’ron.

Jalane has been performing sold-out shows at venues like City Winery. 

Check out the lyric video “So High,” below: 

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